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Affordable Style

Cute for Less

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Stylish but affordable fashion. Share your affordable fashion finds with the community.

This community is about fashion, and about fashion that is stylish but affordable. “Affordable” can mean a lot of things, and you can use your judgment as to what it means to you. Rule of thumb, though—an item that is “affordable” probably shouldn’t cost you the equivalent of a month’s rent on your apartment. Great deals—even on expensive designer items—will always be welcome.

1. POLITENESS: Civility is key. Treat your community members as you would like to be treated. Also, politeness includes internet etiquette as it relates to posting. Keep the capslocks down. Don’t curse. Write in complete sentences. It’s pretty easy. If this rule can’t be follow, some MOD action will come down. To reiterate: No personal attacks. No drama. No flame wars.
2. CONTRIBUTE: This is a community and not just one person’s fashion blog, so please join in and keep the discussion going. Pictures are always welcome and encouraged. It is recommended, though, that if you are going to post more than one image, please put the rest under a CUT so as not to overtake or crash a community member’s browser or server with the overload. Also, no “not safe for work” (NSFW) images are allowed unless it is under a cut and with a warning (not sure where this might come up, but just in case).
3. STAY ON TOPIC: This community is about fashion. If you want to post about your latest date, or what your cat did yesterday. That's why you have a personal journal.
4. NO ADVERTISING: This goes along with the above. I’m not opposed to crosslinks so long as they are relevant, but this community isn’t meant for pimping out your newly created communities or websites. If you have a fashion-related community that you think would pair well with this one, you can always become an affiliate.
6. NO SELLING: If the above rule wasn't clear, this includes no posts about selling your own items from your store or website.
7. USE TAGS: Remember to use the tags options on LJ to help build a reference for the community.

1. Great deals: this can range from great sales online or in stores, awesome finds on eBay, something fabulous you found at a yard sale, to a steal you got at a vintage store.
2. Helpful information on how to bargain shop or places to go for good finds, such as consignment stores or online auctions.
3. Great new affordable and stylish purchases. You can post pictures of your spanking new great deals. Please include relevant information, such as where you found it and prices.
4. Questions about where to find an item: Call this the “look for less.” See a great coat or a lovely pair of shoes by a designer, but unwilling to fork over two weeks of wages for it? Ask your community members for help on how to find something similar, but for a price that won’t bust the bank.
5. You can also post any great “looks for less” that you find. Again, please include links and relevant information.
6. Affordable Style tips: Share hints and links and information with the community about how they can achieve or find the new styles for each season.

Cute But Affordable: The website!

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, please see the post here.

Some great resources for you in your own search for affordable styles or for creating lists to share with the community, try Polyvore or Shop Style (for now, the widgets don't work on livejournal so you can't share your lists directly here, but you can try to link it or else use it as resource to help you find specific items).